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Our Staff

John Crawford
John Crawford
John, a farmer’s son who loved horses, gained his first BHS qualification before he was 17 at Porlock Vale in Somerset. This establishment trained the British Olympic team and John continued to train with many of the leading schools until 1970, when he then came to Hayfield.

Competing in a wide spectrum of activities from Dressage to Polo, he has a wide knowledge of most equestrian sports and has progressed to become the holder of the International Trainers Passport. Since 1970 John has actively represented riding school development, working with the British Horse Society, the Association of British Riding Schools, the Scottish Sports Association and the British Department of Trade and Industry.

Presently, John is working with Scottish Enterprise and others, to develop equestrian tourism in Aberdeen and the Shire to advantage both Hayfield and the region generally.

Caroline Martin
Caroline Martin
Caroline started riding at Hayfield at an early age, jumping in competitions on a spirited little pony before progressing to Springdale Steven who competed for Aberdeen in the Pony Club National Championships. After gaining BHS qualifications, Caroline then went on to study at Aberdeen University.

In her time at Hayfield, Caroline has experienced every working role including the introduction of the website Equiworld.net, which in turn introduced the BHS and the ABRS to this (at the time) modern form of communication! Keeping her passion for riding always to the fore, Caroline turned from jumping to dressage with every horse she now owns and rides. She takes great pride in having high standards of horse care and turnout.

Working in support of reception staff, our instructors and with the development of the Hayfield Pony Club, Caroline has produced for Hayfield not only our unique progressive rider training system but ensured that our instructors have the training and guidance which enables them to develop their coaching skills. Our very able office staff can depend on Caroline’s support as they develop our new on-line record keeping system.

Emily Anderson
Emily AndersonReception
Emily started working at Hayfield in 2007. She started riding at Hayfield in March 1998. Emily enjoys all aspects of working in reception and in particular keeping our social media pages up to date! When not at work Emily can be found walking with her 2 dogs Katie and Phoebe and training and competing them in agility and flyball. She also enjoys doing Pets as Therapy work with Katie.
Cait Barry
Cait BarryJunior Instructor
Cait started riding at Hayfield in March 1999. After leaving school she went to Oatridge College where she completed an HND in Equine Studies. Cait has also completed her BHS Stage 1, Riding and Road Safety and UKCC Level 1. Cait started working full time at Hayfield in May 2016 and enjoys caring for the horses and seeing the horses and riders improve. Outside of work Cait enjoys spending time with friends, reading and drawing.
Helen Beattie
Helen BeattieSenior Instructor
Helen returned to work at Hayfield in 2013 after having her daughter Eilidh. Helen started riding at Hayfield the 13th of May 1990 on her 10th Birthday! Helen is a BHSAI and holds her UKCC Level 2. Helen enjoys being able to improve riders and watch their confidence grow which in turn benefits and improves the horses. When not working, Helen enjoys spending time with her daughter and looking after her 4 year old horse Prince.
Chloe Blyth
Chloe BlythPart-time Receptionist
Chloe started working at Hayfield in May 2015. She started riding at Hayfield in October 2012. Chloe currently studies Nursing at RGU and is aiming to pass her UKCC 1 by the end of summer 2017. Chloe recently bought Mr Spot from Hayfield so spends most of her spare time working with him. Chloe enjoys working at Hayfield as it allows her to continue to work with horses whilst being able to continue to pursue her other interests and ambitions.
Jess Seymour
Jess SeymourInstructor
Jess started working at Hayfield in March 2012. She worked at Hayfield full time for a year before leaving to persue a full time career in Marketing and took on a part-time position at Hayfield. She has her BHS Stage 1 and 2 and UKCC 1 and 2 and is working towards her Stage 3 and PTT. Jess has her own horse in Stonehaven and spends a lot of her spare time taking care and riding him. They no longer compete but enjoy doing a bit of everything including dressage, jumping, cross country, endurance, hacking and even a bit of pony club games!
Brenda Doyle
Brenda DoylePart-Time Receptionist
Brenda started working at Hayfield in October 2014. Brenda’s passion for horses made her decision to leave her last job and move to Hayfield a natural fit. In her free time Brenda is a keen Highland League supporter. She is married with two grown up daughters and an adorable grandson who keeps her young!
Mel Fowler
Mel FowlerInstructor
Mel started working at Hayfield in September 2013. Mel learnt to ride through the Aberdeenshire Pony Club and has her UKCC Level 2. Mel enjoys teaching all standards and loves watching riders confidence grow as they progress. Mel has her own horses Lonnie and Kaydee who she spends all her spare time with!
Sam Lawrence
Sam LawrenceInstructor
Sam started working part-time in November 2012 and took on a full time position in September 2015. Sam started riding at Hayfield in November 2007. Sam has her UKCC Level 1&2 and her BHS Stage 1&2. Sam enjoys teaching all standards of private and group lessons. She enjoys all things Pony Club.
Lorna McLean
Lorna McLeanInstructor
Lorna started riding at Hayfield in 2008 with Aberdeen University Riding Club having previously learnt to ride at Houston Farm in Edinburgh. Lorna started off by volunteering at Hayfield before taking her exams and becoming an instructor. Lorna has her BHS Stage 1, 2 and 3 (flatwork and care), PTT and a B.Ed (Hons.) from Aberdeen University. Lorna enjoys helping riders develop a positive relationship with their horse which then enables them to progress and develop as a partnership.
Richard Reid
Richard ReidHorse Care
Richard started working at Hayfield in 2007. Although Richard has a learning disability it has not stopped him from gaining new experiences. He feels Hayfield has given him the opportunity to grow and develop new skills and friendships. In his spare time Richard enjoys going out with friends and spending time with his family.
Rebecca Souter
Rebecca Souter Instructor
Rebecca started working part-time in 2013 and became a full-time member of staff in 2015. She started riding at Hayfield when she was 5 years old. Rebecca has her BHS Stage 1 and UKCC Level 2. She has her own horse Rosie who she enjoys spending lots of time with!
Chloe Stott
Chloe StottInstructor
Chloe first came to work at Hayfield in January 2014 before having a break to spend some time working with World Horse Welfare at Belwade Farm. Chloe returned to work full time at Hayfield in March 2016. Chloe has her BHS Stage 1, 2 and PTT, UKCC Level 2 and an NVQ in Horse Care and Riding.